Repair/ Regrowth of Lost Bone Around Teeth

Periodontal disease can create significant bone defects around teeth. This can cause reduction in the support for your teeth, causing them to become loose, or shift position. To correct this problem, bone regeneration procedures may be performed to improve support and save your teeth,

During this treatment, Dr. Towe will numb the area and you will feel no discomfort. Dr. Towe will then carefully disinfect the teeth in the area of bone loss. Specific regenerative materials and tissue-stimulating proteins will be added to help your body naturally heal and regrow bone and tissue.

Dr. Towe has lectured extensively on the use of different materials and techniques to grow new bone for implant placement. She currently is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Periodontics

Regeneration of the bone and tissue, along with a customized home care program and proper professional cleanings, will greatly increase your chances of keeping your natural teeth and preserving your smile.

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