Periodontal Maintenance

Portrait Of Happy Laughing ManPeriodontal Maintenance or Periodontal Cleanings are continued periodontal therapy. Periodontal disease is a chronic problem, much like high blood pressure and diabetes. Maintenance often times is as important as treatment. To maintain periodontal health, home care and frequent professional cleanings are necessary to remove all remaining plaque and bacteria from the teeth and gum surfaces. This prevents buildup of bacterial products, which can elicit inflammation of the gums, resulting in periodontal disease. Your professional cleaning schedule will vary depending on your previous severity and history of periodontal disease. Typically cleanings are required on a more frequent basis than the six month interval often recommended for patients with healthy gums. The interval between cleanings that’s right for you will be determined by Dr. Towe following your initial exam and treatments.

During your periodontal maintenance appointment, a thorough exam and cleaning will be performed. X-rays may be taken if appropriate. Dr. Towe and her staff will then review homecare procedures designed to prevent and help treat periodontal disease. A customized method of homecare is taught to each patient based on their needs and skills. The need for an electric toothbrush, interdental aids, water pick, special toothpaste or mouthwash will be determined depending on your particular gum issues.